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News: Great Web TypographyGreat Web Typography Book Interview
There is a behind the scenes Q&A interview with me in a web design book called "Great Web Typography" by Wendy Peck. The interview is called "Christine Kilger: Creating Great Pages with Type, Balance and Mood". The book also features interviews with well known author Robin Williams, CSS guru Eric Meyer and web font designer Joe Gillespie. is a Featured Site in New Web Design Book
This site was featured as an example of "identifying a building a great site" in a new book on web navigation and usability titled, Web Menus with Beauty and Brains. on Web Reference
This site was featured on a recent Web Reference's Production Graphics column.
Favorite Tools:

 Adobe® (formerly Macromedia) Dreamweaver
 Adobe® Photoshop/ImageReady
  Adobe® (formerly Macromedia) Flash


Anything by Lynda Weinman.



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